Find The

Confidence & Clarity

You've been looking for

Everyone deserves a life fully lived

And yet...

  • You’re going through the motions. 
  • You feel lost, confused and drained.
  • You're not quite sure who you are anymore.
  • You have no idea what you really want.
  • You feel stuck.
  • You’ve tried to find the answers but the harder you look, the more things you try, the more frustrated and lost you feel.
  • You feel like you're waiting.

It’s time to stop waiting…

True change is possible


The Art of Undoing

Find the answers you've been searching for. Achieve your goals and amplify your impact. Gain the sense of fulfillment and confidence you've been dreaming of.

It doesn’t require changing your life

Your Path to Confidence & Clarity Starts Here

1. Uncover

Uncover who you are and Get Clarity on what you truly want.

2. Undo

Undo the power of the patterns & limiting beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back.

3. Unlock

Unlock your full potential & take inspired action to achieve even your biggest goals.

As Featured In

I understand because I've been there too...

I was the high-achieving corporate climber, with a highly successful 12-year career at Google. I was the wife and mom who could do it all and do it with a smile - I was the breadwinner in my marriage, had 2 babies in 18 months, and commuted 3 hours a day.

Underneath it all, I was going through the motions, unsure of who I really was or what I truly wanted.

Until I started Undoing.

And then everything changed...

Speaking Testimonials

Pinterest Women's Conference

Erika was a hit with her keynote at the 2020 Pinterest Women's Conference! Even in our virtual format, Erika was incredibly engaging and energetic throughout her session. Listeners came away with actionable practices to empower them and their aspirations.
- Hannah Van Gorp, Women's Conference Co-Lead, Pinterest

Google Breadwinning Women Global Event

Erika's message is engaging, high energy, thought provoking and behavior changing. She weaves her message through a personal story that pulls you in and sprinkles in data & evidence - equally appealing to both hearts and minds - ultimately compelling you to start your own transformational journey.

Erika's Art of Undoing message is critical especially in a year that continues to test our resilience and lands equally well virtually or in person. If you are looking to unleash more of your potential (or your employees) and be happier while doing it, I encourage you to reach out to Erika.
- Elle Duncan, Global VP, Sales Enablement, Google

More Raves

Erika’s positive and uplifting message is a valuable asset to any conference.

- Shawna Baron, Co-Founder of Springfield Devs and Method Conference Organizer

Erika is an amazing and captivating speaker. She always keeps the audience engaged and motivated throughout her talks.

- Michel Sharritt, Co-Founder of Cue Camp & Situated Research

Erika has an engaging energy on stage that's calm yet powerful. She has the unique ability to deliver key takeaways in a simple yet comprehensive manner. 

- Melissa Zeman, Director of Recruitment at Northwestern Mutual 

Erika is an incredible speaker with a prolific gift for writing and communicating complex concepts in a way that is thoughtful, generous and life-changing.

- Tricia Brouk, Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare & TedX 

Erika is an engaging, professional and highly motivational speaker. She brought that rare, dynamic element to our event that contributed to an outstanding experience for our attendees.

- Marty Goodnight, Associate Publisher, Springfield Business Journal


Erika's commanding stage presence, keen audience awareness and fantastic delivery stole the show.

- Mike Emling, Executive & Internal Communications, Google


Erika’s ability to deliver a powerful and authentic message in an intimate setting or to a large group was always consistent and impactful. She is confident, clear, and inspiring.

- Hetal Gordon, Global Director, Google


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The Authenticity Impact

You are your most impactful when you are your most authentic and the world needs the impact that only you can make.

You have a combination of skills, talents, strengths, perspectives and experiences that are unique to you and you alone - no other person throughout history ever had them, or will ever have them again in the future.

When you embrace your authenticity and share your gifts, you maximize your impact and change not just your world, but the world.

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