I cultivate confident, impactful leaders and teams who take risks & change the world.

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I'm Erika
Hi, I'm Erika!

As I work with leading brands, I consistently hear:

"We want to build teams who can bring their full selves to work."

"We want to challenge our top performers to drive new results without burning out."

"We want to build psychological safety and connection in our teams."

But there’s a challenge that goes overlooked: 

You have a team of high performers. They were born achieving. Taking risk includes possible failure...and failure is not an option to a high achiever.

You can tell high achievers all day, “we like risk, we celebrate failure” (and you can mean it.) But, they won’t hear you.

 They remain narrowly focused on those things they have a long track record of doing well.

This ends up limiting their range of performance and impact.

This is a process where your team members: 

Culture change comes as you develop a philosophy of: 

Realign to Core Values
Learn New Patterns 
Drive Growth Authentically

I partner with leaders and teams from:

as seen in:


Thrive Global

The New York Times

Authenticity is an ongoing process…

In the first, I constantly tried to prove my value, perform at the highest level, and collect gold stars. Then, my infant daughter needed major spinal surgery which made me examine the life I was leading. I faced the hard truth that, behind the facade, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. It started me on a journey to live from a place of authenticity. I stopped focusing on performing and started focusing on showing up more fully, as myself. The impact was amazing: greater trust, deeper relationships, stronger results and way more fun. In my final role at Google, I led one of the largest global ad partnerships and our team scaled the business over 250% in just a few years.

About me

As you embrace your authenticity, you feel more empowered and confident stepping into your full range of performance and potential. 

Today, I partner with leaders and teams to create the same kind of transformation.

You'll also feel more fulfilled, engaged and drive way more impact.

Speaking & Workshops

Deepen team's connections.

Boost team's confidence in unique strengths and contributions.

Unleash greater creativity and innovation.

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Sales Enablement Programs

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Private Coaching

Create the environment for your team to bring their full selves to work.

Develop trusted partnerships with clients and teams.

Increase influence and impact.

Unlock greater performance and revenue.

Tap into your truest self.

Undo the power of your limited beliefs.

Develop confidence & clarity to live more fully.

Full Range Performance leads to: 

more agency

faster action

higher revenue

greater innovation

stronger engagement

Deeper partnerships

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“Erika's message is critical especially in a year that continues to test our resilience and lands equally well virtually or in person. If you are looking to unleash more of your potential (or your employees) and be happier while doing it, I encourage you to reach out to Erika.”

- Elle Duncan, Global VP, Sales Enablement, Google

“My confidence has improved and I'm leaning into my strengths and intuition more. I am better able to articulate the value I bring, I'm setting boundaries both at work and home and I'm feeling more in control than I have in a long time. As a result, I landed a promotion and new job within months after completing my coaching. I felt much more confident going through the interview process and will be so much better transitioning into this new role now!”

- Director, Advertising Technology Industry

“I reevaluated my priorities in terms of what's important to me and what I want to do with my life! Also, my relationship with my husband has improved considerably, I'm more comfortable asking for what I want (and getting it), and I feel more in control of my emotions and my life in general. I really do feel like Erika helps people make major changes that improve their life. I don't know how exactly she does it, but I have definitely felt the impact!”

- Author, Blogger & World Traveler Food industry

“Clarity and confidence in taking a major step in my career: founding a company, and leaving my comfortable career. I also feel in control of my path ahead, and focused on the steps I need to take on my journey, whereas before I felt swirly and foggy. Erika and I have cut through the clutter to a clear path that inspires me, energizes me, and creates a life I am thrilled and proud to live.”

- Founder/CEO Retail Industry

“I found greater clarity on my career goals and my career values. I think more deeply about my assumptions and the choices I make and if/why they matter. As a result, I try new things and see my skills and experiences in new ways. Erika is direct, honest and challenging in the most productive way. Each session takes me down a new path where I learn something about myself, open my mind to consider new opportunities and possibilities. If you're looking to shift out of your comfort mode, I highly recommend Erika”

-Senior Manager Technology Industry