Get Unstuck. Own Your Awesome. Have More Impact.

Get Unstuck. Own Your Awesome. Have More Impact. 

Join this exclusive Coaching Circle to get clear on what you really want and feel more confident to go after it. 

It's time to stop Going Through the motions

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Exclusive Googler Coaching Circle

Feel less stressed and anxious • Feel more empowered, brave and confident • Figure out what you actually want to do next in your career • Know how to talk about yourself without bragging • Advocate for yourself to your manager and higher-ups. Influence your clients, teammates and leaders • Own your strengths without worrying about how they compare • Do more fulfilling work • Create better work-life balance • Have more FUN.

I know it all sounds audacious, especially in this economic climate. But it’s all true - and truly possible for you. I’ve been in your shoes and have made every single one of these changes myself. And I’ve helped hundreds of overachievers do it too. 

Ready for your life to change?

You're Invited

You might be saying to yourself...

You might be saying to yourself...

I feel stuck. I need to figure out what's next but don't know what I really want. I want to do meaningful work, but I have no idea what it is. All my peers seem to have it figured out and really like what they're doing; why don't I? 

I don't know if I should keep trying to get promoted, try for a new job in a different team, or maybe even leave Google. But no way can I get anything in this job market. Gah, what's wrong with me? I'm lucky I have a job. I should just focus on everything I do have and be grateful for it. I am grateful. I just wish I could feel happy. 

I wish I could figure out what I'm really supposed to be doing with my life. I feel like I'm going through the motions and have no idea what my purpose is because I just know I'm made for more. I need to figure this out! It's just so hard! 

“I got so much out of this experience and I would do it again."

 I loved sharing my experience, struggles, challenges and getting Erika and the whole groups perspective/advice. And I loved hearing other peoples stories and experiences. I have gotten so much out of this experience and I would do it again.

— Sonali Perera

I know you feel alone, but...

I've been right where you are.

I'm a (recovering) overachieving, insecure, people-pleaser and former 12-year-Googler. Most of my life, I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or how I wanted to show up in the world. I was desperate for answers, and to make an impact. At 33, with 2 kids, a husband and a great career, I had everything I thought I should want, but I didn't feel happy or fulfilled. I was waiting for life to start. I realized for that to happen, I finally - and for the first time - had to take responsibility to change.

I've been on this journey toward authenticity for 10 years, and life keeps getting better All the time.

And That's what I want for you.

You'll feel lighter, freer and confident to show up more fully in your life, ask for what you want and go get it. And you won't do it alone, either. I'll be guiding the way and you'll build a safe, supportive community of other rockstar women to cheer you on.

GoogLe Women Coaching Circle


If, deep down, you don't know who you really are, you're not alone. We'll discuss why it's so hard to know ourselves and you'll get specific exercises to learn more about you truly are, including your gifts, values and motivations. You'll feel empowered and confident owning your awesome - because you are awesome.

No more feeling overwhelmed thinking about what's next and what you really want in your life and career. You'll banish the guilt, confusion and fear of being selfish. That baggage gets replaced with a clear vision of your life that gives you butterflies to realize it's truly possible. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Who you are

What you want



Want to be seen as more of a leader, taking on bigger projects and driving more impact (but also feel like self-promotion is slightly cringy and your work should speak for itself)? You'll learn the secret to greater influence and impact, so that you'll feel amazing stepping forward into your authentic leadership.

Amplify Your Impact


Feeling stuck sucks, so we're going to jumpstart your action immediately to start moving in a direction that feels GREAT and authentic to you. Don't worry, you won't have to explode your life or sacrifice your lifestyle; you'll build right from where you are, wherever that is.

An Action Plan 


Craving deeper connections and a safe space where you can stop pretending you have it all together.

This is for you if you're a Googler...

Itching to kick imposter syndrome and self doubt to the curb and feel authentically confident.



Wanting more clarity and confidence about who you are and what you want.


Longing to make a bigger impact but don’t know how.


Setting big goals for next year and want support in achieving them.


Yes, I'm in!

What's Included

3+ months of coaching:
8 bi-weekly 1.5-hour coaching calls with an exclusive small cohort of Google women all sharing the same goals and challenges.

Interactive Group Coaching Calls

In-between prompts and check-ins via private group chat (or preferred platform) for ongoing support, accountability and connection  

Private Supportive Community

Optional Reflective worksheets, journaling prompts, recommended reading, and more to deepen the learning and go further. 

Learning Materials

When: bi-weekly on Wednesdays
Dates: February 8 - May 17
Meeting Time: 12 - 1:30p ET / 11 - 12:30p CT / 9 - 10:30a PT
Where: Google Meet

Cohort Kickoff Wednesday, Feb 8! 

Let's Do This!

100% recommend this program

100% said This program exceeded or greatly exceeded their expectations

What other Googlers thought about the program...

In their words...

This was an incredible experience! - Kaitlin J.

This was amazing. - Travis

This was such a great program! - Deena

This was a great experience and I valued the coaching as well as connections made across the group. - Sue

I learned so much from the incredible women in this group coaching experience! - Jennie D.

This has been a great experience, and highly recommend it to others. - Jaqui S.

“This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!”


Kind words


Connection with an intimate group of like-minded, empathetic Google women with similar challenges and goals. It feels SO good to know you're not alone.

We'll cover important personal and professional topics to improve self-awareness, shift perspectives and unlock greater possibility.

Accountability partnership so you’ll feel inspired taking action throughout the program, without it taking a lot of time or being just another ‘to-do’.

Support and guidance from me as your facilitator, certified leadership coach to high performing individuals, teams and leaders and former 12-year-Googler.

Mutual sharing and growth because we’re all in this together and we can learn from each other.

Access to proprietary materials, journal prompts and customized reading lists to support your growth and development.

What you'll get







“This was essential to my growth and how I view ALL parts of my life.”

Adlin Banished her Stress

Clarity & Confidence is possible

“My confidence has improved and...I landed a promotion.”

My confidence has improved and I'm leaning into my strengths and intuition more. As a result, I landed a promotion and new job within months after completing my coaching. I felt much more confident going through the interview process and will be so much better transitioning into this new role now! 

I'm more relaxed, able to look at the big picture, identify patterns and what is in my control. I've realized I don't have to work myself up and be stressed. This was essential to my growth and how I view ALL parts of my life. I can without a doubt say I wouldn't have gotten here so quickly without Erika.

I reevaluated my priorities in terms of what's important to me and what I want to do with my life! My relationship with my husband has improved considerably, I'm more comfortable asking for what I want (and getting it), and I feel more in control of my emotions and my life in general. I really do feel like you help people make major changes that improve their life. I loved working with you!

Megan Got a promotion 

"You help people make major changes that improve their life. I loved working with you." 

Anjali Found Balance and is living her dream

Payment Plan

2 payments of $999

One Payment

1 payment of $1799

Two plans options to choose what works for you

Program eligible for Hallpass reimbursement; Credit Cards accepted

Act Fast, spots filled in 48 hours last time I offered this Program

Most Affordable!

Most flexible!

I work with many Googlers, and am at capacity for 1:1 clients. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with amazing women from across Google's functions and teams, with a variety of different backgrounds experiences and perspectives to share!

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Get your money back if you don't find value in this program.

If you're like me and you've tried allll the things (books, podcasts, workshops, challenges...), you might be thinking this is another program that will underdeliver on your expectations. I work very hard to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable being vulnerable and authentic, as well as teach you the very best of what I know. If, however, you show up regularly, participate fully and are still underwhelmed, I'll give you your money back.  

money back 


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What if I want to join but can’t make this day/time work?

Please fill out the form to express interest anyway! Based on demand, we may be able to accommodate changes, or I'll put you on a waitlist for the next cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never had any coaching before?

No problem at all! Whether you’re brand new to coaching or have lots of experience with it, you’ll still get tons of value from the discussions and community support.

What if I don’t have a goal, or know what my goals are?

Perfect. Seriously. It doesn’t set you back at all. Most of us are setting goals based on what we think we “should” be doing anyway, so some of our early discussions will be about helping you figure out what feels good and is most important to you.

Are you going to try to convince me to quit my job? I like my lifestyle too much to sacrifice it.

Absolutely not. My job is definitely not to convince anyone of anything; it’s to help you see yourself and what you want more clearly and then feel empowered and confident making it happen. Plus, I know deeply that happiness and satisfaction is far more about how you stand then where you stand. But, if you do decide a big change is right for you, I’ll be right there to support you along the way!

What if I'm super uncomfortable with the idea of opening up in front of my colleagues?!

This was one of previous group members' biggest concerns, but hearing and learning from others ended up being one of their favorite benefits of the program. And, while I hope this is a safe space to practice vulnerability and authenticity, you will never feel any pressure to share anything you aren't comfortable with.  

What will we talk about?

We'll dive into meaty, real topics and challenges that are personally and professionally relevant for you with the goal of helping you gain awareness, shift perspectives and grow in your career and life.

What's your professional experience related to this?

I worked at Google for 12 years and left in 2019 to start my own consulting firm. I promptly had an identity crisis when I realized I didn't know who to say I was when I no longer worked at Google - my entire identity was wrapped up in where I worked and what I did. I've spent the last 4 years studying how our identity gets in the way of our authenticity to help myself and my clients live fuller lives.

I am a coach, facilitator, and advisor to leaders and teams from most of the big tech firms as well as facilitating 4 women's executive groups for Chief, the women's leadership network.

 “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined”

— Henry David Thoreau