Google group Coaching

In my private coaching with Googlers, I hear the same things from almost every single client…

They’re ambitious and ready for a change. They enjoy doing good hard work and want to make a bigger difference.

But they’re also Tired. Overwhelmed. Stuck. Disconnected. Restless. And they feel like they’re alone.

The kicker? They feel guilty, too. 

Guilty for all the things they should be doing and aren’t.

And for all the things they know they shouldn’t be doing, but are. 

So many shoulds. So little time.

Here’s the good news:

You are not alone.

And you’re definitely not selfish. Or crazy. Or lazy. Or a bad leader/mom/employee/daughter/partner/person. 

You are a total rockstar

You have perspectives, skills and gifts that no other person on this planet has or ever will have.

You just need support to help you remember how amazing you truly are and what is possible in your life.

By sharing your experiences, challenges and goals with others you can trust, you will begin to see yourself in a new and expansive way, leading to deeper connections, greater clarity and more confidence.

You’re invited

Exclusive Googlers-Only Group Coaching Program

This program is designed to help achieving women like you feel lighter, freer and more confident taking steps to make intentional changes in your life. 

It will provide you with a safe community to discuss real business and personal challenges, develop authentic connections and facilitate meaningful growth with like-minded women.

The outcome: You’ll start feeling better fast, and have a community of amazing women supporting you as you do!

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What Google Clients Say About Working With Me:

“I’ve gained new-found balance, and am equipped with an arsenal of tools to help me maintain it”

Since working with Erika, I’ve noticed many changes, both personally and professionally. I can clearly observe them and celebrate them! As a hard worker (ok, workaholic), one of the things I wanted to improve on through coaching was my work-life balance. After stretching and growing, I’ve gained new-found balance, and am equipped with an arsenal of tools to help me maintain it. Erika is gifted at truly connecting with people and I especially appreciate her compassion, kindness and professionalism. I always feel comfortable even when we touch on vulnerable topics.— Malu Fazzolari, NYC

I have noticed all kinds of changes in my life through the coaching process. Starting the work with Erika at what felt like the absolutely worst time to do so was a decision I will never regret.

After an initial introductory session during which I decided I HAD to work with Erika, I clearly remember telling her that I had too much on my plate and was barely hanging on by a thread. I said, let’s just wait a bit and I’ll get back to you when things have settled down. In her gentle way, she asked a couple of questions to explore and then nudged me in the direction I needed to go, which was to GET GOING! Well, there is never a ‘right’ time. And, often the toughest times are when it’s most valuable to do this work. She shared that wisdom with me during the call, but not in a pushy way. Though I heard the wisdom and conceptually agreed with her, I didn’t REALLY understand the depths of meaning behind it until moving through the process myself. Starting the work with Erika at what felt like the absolutely worst time to do so was a decision I will never regret.I have noticed all kinds of changes in my life through the coaching process with Erika. She has superpowers that allow her to dig into the depths to understand people, actively listen and then share or present alternative approaches, mindsets, ways of thinking, etc. Our coaching sessions are always full of learnings, but the deep learning actually happened for me upon the reflecting and integration I did in between sessions, which Erika guides incredibly well.She ‘gets’ me. And, she sees me. All the amazing and not-so-amazing things! When she doesn’t understand something, she becomes curious to learn. She is not overbearing and is there for her coaching clients to help them however they need. Best of all (for me), is that when push comes to shove – Erika will give you the truth. But, not in the way that you would think! She takes an observer’s mindset and shares things that come up for her, identifies patterns, explores theories on root causes, etc. And, the truth – if you’re ready to take a look at it – very clearly and plainly reveals itself. That is true beauty and gives a sense of clarity that, at first, feels a little discombobulating and somewhat scary. However, after experiencing this over and over again, the ‘truth’ now feels exciting and beautiful, even when it is challenging.— Caroline Riley, Chicago

“This was essential to my growth and how I view ALL parts of my life. I can without a doubt say I wouldn’t have gotten here so quickly without Erika.”

I’m more relaxed and able to look at the big picture (mostly!). I can identify patterns that are displayed all parts of my life and tackle/observe them as they arise. I don’t have to work myself up and be stressed going into a situation. I can simply observe and don’t have to spin out of control.I love the fact that we can talk about ALL aspects of life, and that there was a spiritual component. I can’t choose one thing in particular, but I can say this was essential to my growth and how I view ALL parts of my life. I can without a doubt say I wouldn’t have gotten here so quickly without Erika.— Adlin Cedeno, Los Angeles

Erika has a gift for understanding people. She is an honest and compassionate sounding board, has genuine optimism and a straightforward style that makes each session enjoyable and productive.  Anyone would benefit from her thoughtful guidance. “

 I have felt stuck for years and Erika worked with me through visualizations, journaling, guided meditations and being a really honest and compassionate sounding board.  She understood my fears and supported my interests and passions that I hadn’t shared with anyone before.I felt 50 pounds lighter after every session. I put boundaries up in my life that I couldn’t seem to get over / around. Erika recognized them right away and pushed me to think about what could be if I removed them. Moreso, she made me feel that removing them wasn’t crazy or insurmountable. She has a genuine optimism and a straightforward style that makes each session enjoyable and productive.Erika has a gift for understanding people and anyone would benefit from her thoughtful guidance. — Meghan, Chicago

Erika is direct, honest and challenging in the most productive way. Each session takes me down a new path where I learn something about myself, open my mind to consider new opportunities and possibilities. “

What a gift to myself it has been to work with Erika this year!She is a compassionate, supportive and encouraging coach who has enabled me to find greater clarity on my career goals and my career values.She’s pushed me to think more deeply about my assumptions and the choices I make and if/why they matter. As a result, I try new things and see my skills and experiences in new ways. She’s direct, honest and challenging in the most productive way. Each session takes me down a new path where I learn something about myself, open my mind to consider new opportunities and possibilities. If you’re looking to shift out of your comfort mode, I highly recommend Erika as a coach!— Carol Rosenberg, NYC

This program is for you if you’re a Googler:

  • Craving deeper connections and a safe space where you can stop pretending you have it all together.
  • Having a hard time prioritizing self-care, even though you know it’s important.
  • Setting big goals for next year and want support in achieving them.
  • Wanting more clarity and confidence about who you are and what you want.
  • Needing accountability to stick with new habits and changes.
  • Longing to make a bigger impact but don’t know how.
  • Yearning to express yourself more fully, be more authentic and take bigger risks

What you’ll get:

True Connection

Connection with an intimate group of like-minded, empathetic Google women who are experiencing similar challenges and understand what you’re going through.

Greater Awareness

Participation in weekly virtual coaching calls covering important personal and professional topics to improve self-awareness, shift perspectives and unlock greater possibility.


Accountability partnership so you’ll feel inspired taking action throughout the program, without it taking a lot of time or being just another ‘to-do’

Support & Guidance

Support and guidance from me as your facilitator, certified leadership coach and former 12-year-Googler.

Sharing & Growth

Mutual sharing and growth because we’re all in this together and we can learn from each other.

Sustainable Change

Access to proprietary materials, journal prompts and customized reading lists to support your growth and development.

What’s included in the program:

♦  Weekly 1-hour group coaching calls, held on Meet or Zoom, based on group preference

    • GROUP CLOSED: Group meets Wednesdays from 12pm – 1pm CT, from January 12, 2022 – March 16, 2022
    • SECOND COHORT NOW AVAILABLE BY POPULAR REQUEST! Group meets Thursdays from 12 – 1pm CT January 13, 2022 – March 17, 2022
    • Pre-group Kick-off call, week of December 13 to meet and get set up

♦  Private facebook group (or other preferred platform) for community and support

♦  Optional reading guides, journal prompts and supplemental material provided throughout program


Group coaching program investment: $1000

Special Extension!!! Reserve your spot in this special group by Sunday, December 5, 2021!

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with amazing women from across Google’s functions and teams, with a variety of different backgrounds experiences and perspectives to share!

To reserve your spot or ask me a question, please email me at

Payment in full to reserve your spot. Payable by Credit Card or ACH bank transfer. Program eligible for Hallpass reimbursement


What if I want to join but can’t make this day/time work? Expand

Please email me!  Based on interest and schedules, we may be able to accommodate a different time or possibly multiple groups.

What if I’ve never had any coaching before? Expand

No problem at all! Whether you’re brand new to coaching or have lots of experience with it, you’ll still get tons of value from the discussions and community support.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? Expand

I like to think of therapy as healing backwards and coaching as movement forwards. Even if you’re in therapy now (many of my clients are!), coaching can be a great complement. We’ll examine reactive thought and behavior patterns you may have learned long ago, but that are still affecting you now. This helps you let go of some of the baggage you’ve carried around so you can feel empowered to make new, more intentional decisions going forward.

What if I don’t have a goal, or know what my goals are? Expand

Perfect. Seriously. It doesn’t set you back at all. Most of us are setting goals based on what we think we “should” be doing anyway, so some of our early discussions will be about helping you figure out what feels good and is most important to you.

Will I learn a lot of tips and tricks to help me be better at my job/in life/as a parent/etc? Expand

Well, yes and no. My coaching style is much deeper and more reflective because I know that ultimately, tips and tricks won’t stick without a solid foundation. So our work will focus on helping you see yourself more clearly – for all the awesomeness you truly are – so you can find the techniques for reflection, recovery and regular progress that work best for you. But rest assured, you’ll learn lots of helpful tips along the way too.

Are you going to try to convince me to quit my job? I like my lifestyle too much to sacrifice it. Expand

Absolutely not. My job is definitely not to convince anyone of anything; it’s to help you see yourself and what you want more clearly and then feel empowered and confident making it happen. Plus, I know deeply that happiness and satisfaction is far more about how you stand then where you stand. But, if you do decide a big change is right for you, I’ll be right there to support you along the way!

What is the best mascara? Expand

Ok, so this is probably not top of mind, but in case it is, I feel like I have some expertise in this area as a natural blonde with invisible eyelashes. I like to layer Revlon Telescopic for length with Maybelline Collosal Length for volume. I’ve tried everything but these have been my go-tos for probably 15 years! I have lots of thoughts and recos on makeup, hair products, etc.  #balance 😉

What will we talk about? Expand

We’ll dive into meaty, real topics and challenges that are personally and professionally relevant for you with the goal of helping you gain awareness, shift perspectives and grow in your career and life.

You’ll learn more about yourself, your values and gifts, the reactive patterns that hold you back, and what steps you specifically can take to start making changes. Topics are likely to include: overcoming burn-out, making career changes, promotion, leading with influence, having more impact, being more authentic, how to know what you really want, and many more! We’ll decide as a group what topics feel most relevant and everyone will get value from conversation and coaching.

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