One on One Coaching

I work with a limited number of individuals in one-on-one coaching.

  • No topic is off the table. You take your whole self wherever you go so while most of my clients are professionals looking for confidence and clarity in their careers, we talk about anything from love to bosses to health - and everything in between.
  • You're a unique person, so I use a totally personalized approach for your unique situation - no templates or rigid formulas here. I hate it when people apply a one-size-fits-all approach to helping me, so I won’t ever do that to you.
  • My methods are widely tested, personally validated and science-backed - and all are designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Three and six-month coaching packages available.


Most of my clients are highly successful and have pretty much gotten everything they thought they wanted - the college degree, the prestigious career, maybe even the beautiful house, loving spouse and... and yet... they still feel like something's missing. Like they're waiting for their life - the one where they're truly happy, fulfilled, and satisfied - to start.


They're sick of being drained by the beautiful life they built and wondering what's wrong with them for not enjoying it. They're plagued by guilt for even thinking about wanting something different. After all: #firstworldproblems...


They're tired of reading self help books and trying out the latest self-improvement tips which might help for a little bit, but end up leaving them right back where they were before - or worse: telling themselves it's no use - they just need to grow up and be ok with being ok.


They want their lives to be great - but they have no idea what that really means or how to get it.


If this sounds like you, let's talk...


I can help you get CLARITY and CONFIDENCE about what you truly want in life and feel empowered to go get it. You CAN transform your life - and I'll hold your hand while you get started.

Are you ready to get more of what you want?

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