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What's your authenticity impact

What is Your Authenticity Impact?

When you are brave enough to be audaciously authentic and stand in the truth of who you really are, you can live into your full range and have significantly greater impact in the world.

Easy Gratitude Practices That Will Change Your Life

The Two Most Important Words You Can Say

Giving thanks isn’t just something we should do because our parents told us to – science proves countless benefits to our physical and emotional health. Implementing these two easy gratitude practices truly will change your life – they changed mine!

The Power of Intuition

Our intuition is a powerful edge we have that can guide us to good decisions, to health, and to safety. Here’s why it’s so important & how you can harness this power.

Finding Strength when things aren't fine

Finding strength when things aren’t fine

Being strong isn’t about strength – it isn’t about powering through the hard parts of being human, hoping to skip past them before anyone notices or suspects anything. Being strong is about being brave enough to be vulnerable.

When Fear is holding you back

When Fear is Holding you Back

I spent a lot of time thinking about what my fears have prevented me from doing. The fun times I’ve passed up on because I was too concerned about what I feared people thought, the talents I’ve never uncovered because I didn’t give them time to develop, the opportunities I’ve missed out on to learn, develop and grow.

Having fun is the best way to nourish the soul

The Best Way to Nourish the Soul? Have Fun!

Giving yourself – and your brain – a break by getting out and having fun can actually give you the clarity you need to move forward. And, at the very least, having fun feels good – and who doesn’t need a little more of that in their lives?

Ask yourself this when your inner critics are loud

Ask Yourself This When Your Inner Critics Are Really Loud

Inner critics come from the part of our brain designed to keep us safe. So of course it makes sense that when we make major changes, they get a little antsy. Nothing says danger like a freefall into the unknown.

Why I'm Thankful for the hardest day of my life

Why I’m so Thankful for the Hardest Day of My Life

For some, life changes so gradually it’s imperceptible. For others, it’s changes so little it feels stagnant. For me, there’s a single day that became the start of my entire life changing. A day that brought a thought so powerful, it marks the pivot point where life has since become “before” and “after”.

Saying Goodbye to Google: Graduating to the Next Chapter

My goodbye letter to Google to reflect on my time there and give thanks for all I learned and experienced in the 12 years working there.