The Art of Undoing – A Poem

What is the Art of Undoing, you ask?

Stripping down what you thought you were, 

WHO you thought you were.

Unbridling in order to free yourself of your confines. 

All that is in your head keeping you small, making you play roles. 


You need DO nothing to be worthy. 

You need only BE. 

You are of source. 

That which made the stars, made you. 

That which made the planets, made you. 

That which filled the oceans, and the rainforests, and the sky of all its stars – made you. 

There are no mistakes. There are no accidents. 

You can be as expansive and big, 

dream as much as you want, and have it all. 

But you must be willing to let go. 

Undo all that has been done to you and that you have done to yourself. 

Be willing to redefine who you are and what you are for. 

You are for love. 

No more, no less. 

And what comes from love, through love and for love, can do no wrong. 

Abundance can be yours if only you can see that it already is. 

The art of undoing is about being willing to see expansively rather than constrictively. 

Looking to the horizons and seeing the possibilities, rather than looking to the step in front of you and seeing fear. 

Free yourself. 

Loosen the reins. 

Strip down and undo. 

Bear your breast, throw your arms open wide and turn your face to the heavens. Yell with all your might: I AM HERE. 

You will make a mark. You already have. 

You are destined for more. 

But you must undo that which has been done before first.


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